How to Display a PowerPoint on Your Blog

PowerPoint is almost ubiquitous and every teacher knows how to use it. Why not harness this knowledge to add multimedia to your blog. I’m guessing that 95%+ of presentations made by children in PowerPoint never get presented on a whiteboard. So, next time you want your class to produce a presentation, tell them that the best ones will go on your blog – see if that improves the quality!

Things to note: Slideshare doesn’t support fancy transitions, music or embedded video etc. This means that children have to concentrate on the content, not the peripherals.

How To Add A Powerpoint

View SlideShare presentation or Upload your own. (tags: blogging howto)

If you think your class are ready for some really powerful online presentatation software, then ditch PowerPoint all together and try Sliderocket. Super cool and online so the children can work on their presentations from home.

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